Expos Auto: Shane Andrews

1996 Leaf Certified Signature

1996 Leaf Certified Signature

So, I was wondering…just how good of a prospect was Shane Andrews? Not that great, honestly. If you look at the average of his years leading up to his ML debut, he had a .239/.360/.426 line. I’m a bit surprised, honestly. I thought the slugging would be higher and the obp way lower. Now, about his strikeout totals, which I remember being the big rap on him….well, on the surface, a legit concern, but when you dig deeper, he averaged about 138 whiffs per season in an average of 514 PAs, or about one K every .27 PAs. I don’t know about you, but with that OBP, that’s an acceptable risk.

So…Shane Andrews…a proto Jack Cust? It would seem that way. Too bad his major league career didn’t quite work out that way.


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  1. gayle

    leave my cuz alone. could you have done any better.

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