Nationals Game-Used: Alfonso Soriano


2006 Upper Deck Special F/ X Materials

2006 Upper Deck Special F/ X Materials

Thanks to Skoormit for this one…this came with the Jim Fairey card and a handful of other great Expos and Nat cards. It’s really hard to capture the rainbow effect on the card itself here (I know Skoormit’s scan did about the same thing as mine), but it looks a lot better in person. Of course, I’ve talked about my disappointment with Soriano in the past and wow does he look bad this year, but it’s still cool to have some sort of memento from his time with the team.



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3 responses to “Nationals Game-Used: Alfonso Soriano

  1. I sure hope it turns out that Soriano’s poor performance this year was a result of his ongoing knee problem. It’s getting sad watching him bat. Yesterday he made the final out of the game lamely swinging at three straight low and outside sliders one worse than the other.

  2. skoormit

    I wonder if a photo would work better than a scan since there will be a single light point rather than a moving light bar. The next shiny card I post, I’ll compare the two approaches.

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