Failed Prospect: Esteban Beltre

1990 CMC/ProCards

1990 CMC/ProCards

Beltre was a 22-year old playing in AAA when this shot was taken. Not bad, huh? Well, not so fast. I’m honestly a little perplexed as to how he even made it AAA, much less the majors. His high-point BA at this point was .279, in 1988, in A ball. He had little power, and not much of a glove, either, from what I can surmise. Looking at his later stolen base numbers, I can only guess that speed was his asset, though those numbers aren’t out there for earlier in his career.

Anyway, Beltran never made it to the majors as an Expo. He left as a minor league free agent that winter, signed with Milwaukee, and was then dealt to the White Sox, where he made his major league debut in 1991. He never played a full season in the majors, yet somehow would manage to eke out 50 or so games a year until 1996, despite a pathetic bad. I don’t know. Maybe the guy had pictures of his GMs or something.

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