Dukes had three RBIs today.

Dukes had three RBIs today.

Man, this team is suddenly getting it done! I can’t believe it. I think the key to all this has been having the young pitching suddenly light up – it’s all been downhill from there. Sure, we’re not going to come close to even digging out of the cellar, but I can deal with it.



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  1. skoormit

    Relax, it’s the DBacks. And they didn’t have Upton the last two games. Also, wouldn’t the Nats rather be losing games so that they can be sure to snag Bryce Harper in the draft next year? I’m personally wondering if the DBacks aren’t doing all they can to increase their chances of finishing dead last themselves. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Haren diagnosed with “soreness” and shut down for the rest of the season.

  2. thingpen

    Skoormit, spoken like a man whose team has been to the playoffs in oh…the last decade 🙂 I have mixed feelings about the Harper lottery, honestly. My first instinct is to be cynical about whether this team could sign him (still haven’t signed Strasburg, after all, and I have my doubts he’s going to); my second instinct is to have some real concerns about how he’s going to hold up off the diamond. He seems like a second Josh Hamilton in the making.

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