A Little Mojo Music

Went to Target last night to pick up a few things for the weekend and couldn’t resist the 09 Allen & Ginter blaster staring me in the face. I also picked up one of those $10 15-pack repack things that never produce anything, right?

Wellll…let’s start there. I actually pulled something aside from Nationals and Expos (which were plentiful for once)! And it came from an Opening Day pack. You have no idea how many of these I’ve slogged through over the years, never believing you could pull a thing from them. Now this isn’t the greatest card but I’m still blown away.

Hudson Auto

And you know…I actually kind of…like this card. How about that?

So now to the A&G. There were some pretty cool cards in there, but I don’t have all evening to catalog them. I got a couple of Nats that will go up on the site soon, but I got some nice parallels, like this black mini Samuel Morse:

Morse Black Mini

And this mini…whoever this guy is:

Ebbeson Denmark

A whole blaster and I only scored one crack the code parallel, Edgar Renteria:

Renteria Parallel

And here’s where the mojo comes in: a Hank Blalock GU bat card. These things are way more gorgeous in real life than on web sites, let me tell you.

Blalock Bat

So, yeah, a stack of Nats, an auto card, and a GU card. I’m pretty happy with this haul. It makes up for some mediocre pulls in the past.


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3 responses to “A Little Mojo Music

  1. Me likey the O-Dog auto. Want to trade it? Take a look at my tradelist and LMK.

    • thingpen

      Yeah, I think we could work something out. Is that Soriano F/X GU? If it is, I wouldnt’ mind getting that. If not, I can work up a list of the Nats cards you have that might work. I’m really interested in that Burgess.

  2. It is a GU. Shoot me an email (posting name AT gmail) and I’ll send you the scans.

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