Memory Lane #24: Greg Colbunn 1992 Select

Colbrunn Select

Select! Now there’s something I haven’t thought of in awhile. I really didn’t know what to make of the inaugural edition of Select…to me it looked like just another variation of Score, but it was somehow supposed to be a premium or at least a higher-end set. Compared to the other high-end releases of the time, it looked pretty quaint. The design was bizarre…and looking at it now, just downright ugly, even if it is really green, my favorite color. On the other hand, the set had a good selection of prospects, including Colbrunn, whom I was super-high on at the time.
I discovered Select at a now-defunct general store back in my hometown, shortly after its release…which was pretty rare for that shop. I snagged a few packs, and was hooked in by the prospects, though I really only held on to two long-term: this one, and long-forgotten A’s prospect Benji Grigsby. Wonder whatever happened to that guy?
Anyway, I think the card, despite the ugly design, is actually nice-looking. I guess it’s the balance of colors that does it for me. And it brings back that flood of memories – I can even remember pulling it from the pack. Definitely worthy of memory lane.

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