When They Were Young: Vinny Castilla

Castilla Rookie

1992 Topps Debut ’91 #30
Category: Nationals Lynchpin
Position: 3B
Bio/Summary: I’ll admit it. I didn’t think Vinny had much in him. For the first few years of his career, he didn’t appear to, either. It wasn’t really until he hit Colorado that he started to shine (surprise, surprise), but he managed to do better than I would have expected with some teams outside of Colorado. Of course, the real issue is his year with Washington, that magical inaugural year. Vinny surprised me that year by not totally sucking. He had a 93 OPS+, which is admittedly subpar for 3B, but for Washington, in that year, it was enough. I hope Vinny’s doing well now.
How Did I Get It?: Bought the 1992 Topps Debut ’91 set.
Did You Know?: Vinny never hit about .270 in his first stint in the minors.
Rating:  5/10 – I’d recognize that Braves Spring Training complex anywhere. Steve Avery was posed in front of it quite a few times. Other than, this is your standard early 90s Topps Spring Training shot. It’s just interesting to see him look like such a kid.

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