Memory Lane #23: Jeff Huson 1990 Score

Huson 90 Score

I remember 1990 Score, despite its beauty, being like the cockroaches of the collecting scene: everyone had a million of them everywhere, and they were fairly easy to trade for, save for some of the more exceptional cards. Jeff Huson, despite this unique card, was NOT an exceptional card. I do seem to remember this being one of the first horizontally oriented cards I’d ever seen, which explains the maddening inconsistency with the borders. I think they “fixed” this with the highly inferior 1991 issue. Anyway, great photo here…and this reminds me of the days when we would go through stacks of each others’ cards hoping to hit on something we might need for collection or that even just caught our eye. I’m fairly certain I traded for this card at some point. Ahh, the memories – card trading, the nintendo, and The Real Ghostbusters.


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