1990 Best Jacksonville #3


1990 Jacksonville Expos Best #1
Former Expo
Position: Catcher
Bio/Summary: Colbrunn was a huge Expos prospect at the time, and I would have died to have this card in 1990 rather than waiting for his later issues. He hit .301 with a .454 slugging in 1990, pointing toward the somewhat bright career he would have.
Rating: 7/10 – It’s not that interesting a pose, but I’m absolutely fascinated by how dirty Colbrunn’s jersey and hat are here. What’s the story? Was this taken immediately after a game? If so, why not get a picture ingame? Either way, quite the intriguing picture. 
1990 Jacksonville Expos Best #26
Position: Coach
Bio/Summary: Nardi only played one major league season, with the 1980 White Sox. I can’t find any information on his coaching career, so I’m guessing he never advanced to manager.
Rating: 2/10 – I’m so ambivalent toward coach/manager cards. It’s sometimes interesting to see key managers who would go on to play a significant role, but most of the time they’re just this dreck. Who even cares?
1990 Jacksonville Expos Best #5
Former Expo
Position: SS
Bio/Summary: I’ve talked about this period of Cordero’s career a lot – so I’m going to give this one a pass.
Rating: 6/10 –  Classic minor league card photography. Just a little too blurry and bright, but the kind of card I would have loved as a teenager.
1990 Jacksonville Expos Best  #9
Failed Prospect
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Hansen has popped up a couple times recently, and I didn’t know much about him. He really wasn’t on my radar as a prospect in the day, which leads me to believe he was more organizational filler. He appears to have been able to hit for power, but couldn’t cut down on the strikeouts or get the average up. Oh, and he had an absymal walk rate: in 1993, the first year BR has walks for him, he had 18 walks to 103 strikeouts. Yeah. No wonder he didn’t make it.
Rating: 4/10 –  Another one of those classic minor league shots, but you can’t see his face and the washout is just too much.

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