Expos Star: Gary Carter

Carter 76

Gary Carter
1976 Topps #441
Position: C
Bio/Summary: I’ve written at length about Gary, but there are so many worthy Gary Carter cards to cover! 1976 was Gary’s second full year in the majors after a strong 75 showing. Unfortunately, it was a big step back for him – he regressed from a 112 OPS+ to a 66 OPS+…it might have looked like The Kid was done for, but he would rally in 77 and become the Gary Carter we all came to know and love.
How Did I Get It?: Won it on eBay.
Did You Know?: Gary started his career in the Florida East Coast Rookie League in 1972 after being drafted in the 3rd round.
Rating: 9/10 – I love the 76 Topps set, and this is one of my favorites in the set. I know it’s a generic pose, but there’s something about the youthful look and the colors that get me.

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