Memory Lane #22: Andres Galarraga

Galarraga 86 Rookies

When I started collecting, around 1988, the 1987, 86, and 85 years seemed so exotic to me. Seeing cards from those sets was just amazing to me – and none more so than 86 Donruss, as it had the vaunted Jose Canseco rookie card. I treasured any 86 Donruss I came across, whether in a collection or otherwise. Especially valuable to me was the 1986 Donruss rookies issue, as it contained Barry Bonds, who I was already developing a fandom for (a fandom that would continue well into the mid-90s). I can’t remember if I ever got that Bonds, but I certainly never managed to afford the set, despite much gnashing of teeth.
I wasn’t such a Big Cat fan back in the day, but let me tell you, if I had a chance to trade for this card, I would. My inner child went wild with glee when I scored this recently. 1986 Donruss, Galarraga rookie – what wasn’t there to love? It’s even a decent-looking card – I like how the colors balance out so well.

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