Expos Auto: Michael Barrett

Barrett Auto

Michael Barrett
1999 Team Best Autographs #3
Category: Former Expo
Position: C
Bio/Summary:  In my estimation, Michael Barret has never really been an exceptional catcher, certainly not the kind of guy I’d draft to build my catching corps around, but I can also see him being a boon if you don’t have any other option for the team. I mean, he has gone over 100 OPS+ several times. And he went after A.J. Pierzynski, so that counts for something.
How Did I Get It?:  Bought it at checkoutmycards.net.
Did You Know?:  Barrett once caught a base runner (Morgan Ensberg) stealing second without throwing the ball. Ensberg had broken for second on a pitch-out and then froze. Barrett began running towards Ensberg, who tried to return to first but could not beat the catcher there, resulting in one of the oddest caught stealing plays in history.
Rating: 6/10 – The shot’s kind of average, and I’m not a big fan of the background, but the autograph is nice.

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