Nationals Star: Ryan Zimmerman #6

Zimmerman Jersey

2007 Upper Deck Premier Remnants Quad Masterpiece #RZ

Zimmerman 09 Topps

2009 Topps #620

Zimmerman 09 UD

2009 Upper Deck #395

Zimmerman Infield Power

2008 Upper Deck Infield Power #RZ
How Did I Get It?: A trade.
Rating: 5/10 – What an odd insert set. The pose is okay, I guess, but of course the 09 UD does it better…and it’s obscured by so much busyness and uglyness here that it’s annoying.

How Did I Get It?: A pack of 2009 Upper Deck.
Rating: 8/10 – Better pose than the Topps, especially given how great Zimmerman is with the glove. I also have to give props to seeing Nats park here.

How Did I Get It?: A pack of 2009 Topps.
Rating: 7/10 – I like the shot enough, but it’s a little frustrating not to see his face. I also have to admit that 09 Topps is growing on me.

How Did I Get It?: Won it on eBay.
Rating: 10/10 – I love this card so much. I’m kind of lukewarm on game used stuff lately, but the sheer beauty of this one overwhelmed me. I like the classy top half with the photo. Now, I’m not sure I understand WASH as opposed to NATS, but whatever. I’m not going to complain…too much.


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