1990 Best Jacksonville #1 of 7


Bret Barberie
1990 Jacksonville Expos Best #3
Position: IF
Bio/Summary: At this point I’d say Bret is better known for his vivacious ex, Jillian, but there was a time when he was a hot Expos prospect, and 1990 was right in the heart of that time. That year he hit .260 with a .364 SLG and 7 Home runs…he appeared to be headed for some decent pop, even if he wasn’t the best hitter in the world. Of course, he hung around for a few years with the Expos and then the Marlins, but ultimately faded into obscurity.
Rating: 8/10 – Nice action shot for a 1990 minor league release. Sure, the shot is a bit blurry even with the sharpening job, but I forgive it for its flaws.


Brian Barnes
1990 Jacksonville Expos Best #14
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Brian was one of the Expos’ top pitching prospects at this point, and would have an okay career, but nothing like what was predicted for him at the time. In 1990, he went 13-7 with a 2.77 ERAat Jacksonville that year, and made the jump to the majors. From there, he was made into a reliever, and never really found his niche.
Rating: 3/10 – Hahaha, that picture. “AHYUCK!” Not such a great card.
Chris Bennett
1990 Jacksonville Expos Best #15
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Ah, my first unknown. I had no idea who he was when I opened the set, which was exciting. I love learning about obscure minor league players. In 1990, it appears Bennett was pretty much past prospect status, going 3-4 with a 3.24 ERA in AA at 24 before getting bombed at AAA Indianapolis. Still, it appears he hung on in the minors until 1998, at age 32. I give him points for persistance, if nothing else.
Rating: 5/10 – Dirt-standard minor league shot.
1990 Jacksonville Expos Best #16
Position:  P
Bio/Summary: Kent is one of the folks here who Made It. Sure, he wasn’t a star, but he stuck around for nine seasons and had a pretty respectable track record by the end. He went 12-10 with a 3.41 ERA in 1990 for Jacksonville, making it to the show in 1992.
Rating: 5/10 – This is a little better, but still not quite there. Reminds me of a Topps card from the 80s.

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