Failed Prospect #19: Dave Wainhouse


Dave Wainhouse
1992 Stadium Club #885
Position: P
Wainhouse was one of those weird rookies that showed up in 1989 Bowman and confused the hell out of me (along with Johnny Ard and Royce Clayton, among others). I had no idea what to make of him, as he never really seemed to be a viable prospect, and his time in the majors showed it: he had a career 7.37 ERA with a 2-3 record, 1.819 WHIP, and 66 ERA+. Yiiiick.
How Did I Get It?: Bought a box of Series 3 1992 Stadium Club.
Did You Know?: He was the first Canadian ever selected in the first round.
Rating: 5/10 – 1992 Stadium Club is weird; some of the photography is good, but it all feels so dark. I don’t know if it was the process or what – and of course this is just a Spring Training shot, so it knocks it down a notch.

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