Memory Lane #19: Marquis Grissom 1995 Fleer

Grissom 95 Fleer

This is one of those collecting secrets you usually want to keep in the closet: I thought 1995 Fleer was a cool idea when it was introduced. Different groups of base cards for each division? Different designs within a set?? It made so much sense. Of course, the reality was a godawful mess: rather than coming up with one high-quality design, they threw all their ideas out there and picked the best of that group. So we saw designs that never would have made the light of day normally. And it’s telling. I think this design is one of the worst atrocities of the set, in fact.
So what was the impetus for not only wanting to collect the main set, but the master set? I think the answer is inserts. I had finally succumbed to insert mania, and this set was the embodiment of it. Every single card was an insert, with no clear base in sight.
Ugh. No wonder I stopped collecting shortly thereafter.

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