Memory Lane #17: Delino Deshields 1990 Upper Deck


I’ve written about the rush of the high numbers sets when Upper Deck were producing them (89-91, I believe); how they represented a sort of “expanded universe” of the baseball world for me. Seeing the new players, or the traded players in their new uniforms, as the season was winding down – it was like a little late summer pick-me-up. This card of Delino sort of encapsulates that. Of course I had seen his cards before, but never one with photography like this. This was the true revelation of the 1990 High Numbers set for me: the photography, and the color balance. I guess it’s because so many more pictures were taken in the Spring, with the sun laying differently in the sky, but it was that bright, crisp quality that was so rejuvenating, especially as we approached the Autumn. I would look at those cards more and more as the colder months approached, fantasizing about warmer times in warmer places.
And the truth is, a lot of these cards lived solely in my imagination. I imagined the scenario where DeShields was giving this signal – perhaps wanting to try to hit a curveball?
Oh, and this was the most normal shot of the guy to that point. He almost seemed human. And hey, check out the 90s shades on that guy behind him! That’s the first time I’ve noticed those. Wow. 

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