Not Yet a National: Derrick Phillips


Derrick Phillips
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP86
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Man, what an odd choice. I hadn’t heard of Phillips before I pulled this card, so looking up his stats was…interesting. Last year was his first year at age 17, and he played in Rookie Ball for the GCL Nationals and, here’s where it gets odd, put up an .081/.186/.081 line. Now, I’m well aware he’s really young and raw, but he was a 23rd round pick, but Nationals Farm Authority has zip on him, other than his signing and being on the GCL roster this year. Is this some toolsy kid I’ve never heard of? Because otherwise I’m drawing a blank on why he’d be on a card now, other than Bowman trying to get the one-up on rookie cards.
How Did I Get It?: Box of 2009 Bowman.
Did You Know?: I’m clueless. I can’t find much.
Rating: 8/10 – Even if he never sniffs the majors, at least the kid can know he had a pretty cool-looking card. Yeah, he looks goofy, but the color balance is great.

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