Memory Lane #16: Shane Andrews 90 Classic Draft

Andrews Classic

1990, and the rookie game was on in the hobby. I was a budding prospector with a mother who was hooked on QVC. At the time, the network had a show that focused on sports memorabilia, especially focusing on overpriced offers for the old Classic games. I wasn’t interested at all – if it wasn’t Donruss, Fleer, Score, or Upper Deck, forget it. That is, until they showed up with this set. Draft picks? You mean a set made ENTIRELY of prospects? AND it’s a limited edition (a number that’s absolutely laughable these days)? I begged my mom. I pleaded. I cajoled.
And then I waited what seemed an eternity for the set to arrive in the mail. For some reason, as a kid, it seemed the mail moved SO much slower, but I guess that’s because the days felt so much longer. These days I’m surprised when something shows up so quickly and it wasn’t really that fast at all. And man – it came in a snap case! With the little number printed right on it! I felt like baseball royalty in my neighborhood, since no one else had bothered or known. Chipper Jones? Check. Todd Van Poppel? Check. This weird looking guy who I’d never heard of? Oh yeah.
The other kids were jealous, even if they didn’t know it.

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