Nationals Star: Jose Vidro #11

Vidro 03 Topps

2003 Topps #8
How Did I Get It?:
Pack of 2003 Topps.
Rating: 5/10 – You know, I’m really on the fence about the 2003 Topps Design. On the one hand, I think it has somewhat of a classic feel, with the diamond inlaid and all, but at the same time…I don’t know, maybe it’s the color scheme – it’s kind of bland. I do really like the 03 Gold versions, so it could just be the color scheme. Either way, I think this card is a fair representative of the 03 set – not too exciting, but not too dull.

Vidro Pro Sigs

2004 UD Diamond Pro Sigs #15
How Did I Get It?: Box of 2004 Pro Sigs.
Rating: 3/10 – I liked the Pro Sigs set when it came out, but the years have definitely shot its luster for me. I don’t think the design is very good at all (who thought obscuring the bottoms of their feet was a good idea? Vidro looks like a weird drawing here), and the photography is only so-so.

Vidro Total02

2002 Topps Total #353

How Did I Get It?: Pack of 2002 Topps Total.
Rating: 7/10 – this is one of the times I’ll give a pass to a picture of a player’s back. I like it – the stretch, the framing…it’s a nice shot on a nice card.

Vidro Hernandez

2005 Upper Deck #278 W/Livan Hernandez
How Did I Get It?: Pack 2005 Upper Deck.
Rating: 6/10 – 2005 Upper Deck is another set that I’m on the fence about. I don’t know if I like the design or not – but I do like the combination of players here, and the color balance.


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