2002 Topps Chrome Traded #2


Jose Macias
2002 Topps Chrome Traded #T66
Category: Former Expo
Position: UT
Bio/Summary: I’m shocked to see how long Jose Macias hung around. Seven seasons for a guy with a 75 career OPS+? I’m guessing his utility fielding played a part in it. Either way, Macias really only stopped over in Montreal, spending around 200 games there before heading off to the Cubs.
Rating: 3/10 – Oops, the top got cut off. Oh, well. It’s not as if this is a gripping baseball card. No action, simple spring training shot.


Eric Miller
2002 Topps Chrome Traded #T150
Failed Prospect
Position: IF
Bio/Summary: Man I wish I knew this guy’s story. Only showed up in 2000 at age 22 and was out of baseball by 24. He could hit, but had an absymal OBP. Was the problem that he couldn’t field? I don’t know – but it seems odd that a guy in a Traded set like this had so little experience and never even sniffed the majors. Maybe they were desperate that year.
Rating: 5/10 – Pretty average spring training prospect shot.


2002 Topps Chrome Traded #T109
Position: Manager
Bio/Summary: You know him, you love him. Frank was beginning a four-year run in Montreal/Washington here, and I remember being happy that he had gotten a job somewhere. My opinion of his managing skills would change over the years, but never my respect for him as a player. What a great guy.
Rating: 3/10 – Way to blow it on the card. You can’t even see the guy’s face. Sigh.


2002 Topps Chrome Traded #T243
Category: When They Were Young
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: I wanted to start throwing in some folks like this for the fascination factor. Church never actually played for the Indians, instead coming to the Expos in the blockbuster Scott Stewart deal (heh). Church was a standout minor leaguer for the Indians, though, OPSing over 800 for 4 years.
Rating: 8/10 –  FINALLY an action shot, and a good one! You can see Church’s awful young face, and him in a Cleveland uniform, that still seems so odd to me. Nice, fun pickup.


Joel Hanrahan
2002 Topps Chrome Traded #T249
Category: When They Were Young
Position: P
Hanrahan was a top prospect for the Dodgers at this point, with great stuff and absolutely no control. In 2002, he pitched 28 games between A and AA. The jump to AA really seemed to confound him, though, and he was out of the Dodgers organization by 2006, when the Nationals scooped him up in the great Free Agent Pitcher experiement of 2007, along with the next fellow, Jason Simontacchi. The rest is history.
Rating: 4/10 – Another boring spring training shot.


2002 Topps Chrome Traded #T157
When They Were Young
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Simontacchi was very much a failed prospect for the Cardinals, despite going 11-5 with a 4.04 ERA in 2002, his rookie year. He slipped down after that, his WHIP ballooning, and his ERA+ dropping. He was finally picked up by the Nationals in the Free Agent Pitcher experiment, and gave them a 66 ERA+ before the Nats dumped him.
Rating: 7/10 – Love the pose on this one – nice action shot.

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