Nationals Auto: Jordan Zimmermann

Zimmermann Auto

Jordan Zimmermann
2007 TRISTAR Prospects Plus Farm Hands Autographs #JZ
Nationals Lynchpin
Position: P
Bio/Summary: I’m not quite ready to call Jordan a star, but I think the progress he’s shown this year has indicated some movement in that direction. His stats so far (2-3, 5.37 ERA, 81 OPS+) all are about what I’d expect from a 23-year-old who got the call on a lousy team. He’s not going to be rookie of the year material, but I think he could be a solid #2 pitcher in a few years, and I’m going to cheer him on all that way.
How Did I Get It?: Obscure eBay auction. Got lucky on this one.
Did You Know?: According to Jason, a trading partner of mine:

“I live near Eau Claire, WI, which has a summer collegiate team in the Northwoods League.  One of our early stars was Jordan Zimmerman.  When he debuted for the Nationals, he became the first alumnus to make the majors.”

Cool info. Thanks, Jason!
Rating: 8/10 – The card looks much better in person – I had to lighten it quite a bit so all of the details were available. I don’t just like the card because it’s a Zim auto (though that helps), but because it shows him in the Vermont uniform. Nice.

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