Memory Lane #13: Rondell White 1992 UD Minors

White Skills

Ohh, 1992 Upper Deck Minors. The memories you gave me over the years. I first discovered a scraggly little box of these shortly after launch in an antiques market back home, and nearly lost it. I had to calm myself down as I scooped the packs out: Van Poppel! Delgado! Blosser! Young! So many of the young players that I wanted cards of (and would be better covered on my sister site). I spent every bit of my allowance that I had on hand grabbing these packs, and I managed to pull this card, along with a whole bunch of others. My friends pulled some of my most-coveted prospects, though, and so I had to hit the trade market with them. Unfortunately, the cards weren’t in Beckett yet, so we had to make up our own values. I’m pretty sure I got fleeced along the way, but what are you going to do?
Interestingly, this card has a continuing story years later. I’ve mentioned that I got back into collecting in 2003. I got a chance to live one of my fondest childhood dreams: I bought a sealed box of 1992 Upper Deck Minors, and tore through it as soon as it arrived. Now, I’ve found that time has diminished some of these boxes, but not the 92 UD Minors; that whole thing was like a revelation, as if I’d stepped into a time machine and come back out as a  16-year old nerd. I got a lot of cards that I’ll be featuring on I Was a Teenage Prospector, but this one…well, besides being representative of the Expos, it also shows a great action shot of a player that I thought was a future superstar.
Oh, and an insanely big helmet.

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