2000 Bowman Draft


Milton Bradley
2000 Bowman Draft #15
Category: Expos Star
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: I honestly don’t know what to say about Milton at this point. I’ve covered a few cards from his 2000 year, and he didn’t stick around in Montreal for very long before they gave up on him, anyway. I did find myself surprised surfing his minor league numbers and finding that he once stole 30 bases. It seems so crazy, given how his wheels are these days.
Rating: 5/10 – I like Bradley, and I like the 2000 design, but this thing is just dirt-simple, generic “Baseball Card”.

De La rosa

 Tomas De La Rosa
2000 Bowman Draft #74
Failed Prospect
Position: IF
Bio/Summary: This is not the first time I’ve seen De La Rosa and Bradley together. I guess the only real connection is that they were coming up through the system at the same time. Their numbers were as different as could be: Bradley was a burgeoning power-hitting outfielder with decent speed and a good OBP, while De La Rosa was the model slap-hitting SS. I guess it’s not surprising that one of them didn’t last. De La Rosa left baseball in 2007.
Rating: 4/10 – Bleh. Another dirt-common Spring Training shot. 


 Giovanni (Yovanny) Lara
2000 Bowman Draft #47
Failed Prospect
Position: P
Bio/Summary: So weird that they call him Giovanni here. I could find no record of a Giovanni Lara, only a Yovanny. Obviously this was the name he went by; so why go with something else? I don’t know. Yovanny only pitched in the majors in 2000, putting up a 76 ERA+ in 6 games. He seems to have disappeared from baseball after that. Odd.
Rating: 4/10 – Snore. Spring Training.


 Thomas Mitchell
2000 Bowman Draft #110
Failed Prospect
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Another player who was hard to find. Why do people have issues with Bowman and their prospects again? Heh. Not only did he never make the majors, he failed to make an impact at pretty much every level he played at (I’m serious too – check out his stats – they’re horrific). He’s only in this blog as a historical oddity, like many of the failed prospects.
Rating: 3/10 – Who? Blah.


2000 Bowman Draft #109
Former Expo
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Damn you Omar Minaya. Damn you. I’m guessing we all know what happened here, so I’m more interested in seeing Grady’s production as an Expos farmhand. Yup, it makes you cry. As a 17-year-old in the Gulf Coast Rookie League, he put up a .293/.380/.376 line. Okay, sure, the slugging was down a bit, but he was SEVENTEEN. That’s as much promise as you can get from a rookie leaguer. At 19, he was .258/.351/.348, right before he was dealt. The next season he broke out, and it was all over from there. Sigh.
Rating: 6/10 – Historical context is not the only reason this gets the highest rating. Even with Grady’s goofy expression, the photograph is a little better, showing a little more of the field. Still not going to destroy the world or anything.

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