Memory Lane #12: Hubie Brooks 1989 Bowman

Brooks 89 Bowman

I have to admit, I had a problem with 1989 Bowman: the size of the cards made them impossible to store without destroying them. I’m sure this was a common problem for lots of kids coming to terms with them in 1989. The thing is, these days, I’m still not crazy about the set, but it reminds me of good times, so I give it a pass. I remember a time, when I was 13, that I helped my father wash trucks at his job, earning money for buying cards from what he got for the job. The way it worked was that every Sunday we’d pack up the car with lunch and drive out to the building, playing music or football or whatever happened to be on that day while we hosed them and scrubbed them.
A small convenience store was nearby; it was the first place I saw the 1989 Bowman. I was short on money at the time, but dad picked me up, getting me a few packs as a surprise when we went on break that afternoon. It meant a lot to me, since dad and I hadn’t had a whole lot of time together when I was younger. That’s why I can give the Bowman some room: it represents a change, a small time capsule that touches my emotions. And it’s actually not so bad looking: much larger pictures than any other 89 issue (even Upper Deck), and some more obscure players. Maybe I’ll get the whole set some day.

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