1987 Broder Rookies


1987 Broder Rookies #3
Expos Star
Position: 1B
Bio/Summary: This set was issued in 1987, but meant to show the 1986 rookies. While Galarraga first appeared in 1985, 1986 was his first full season, and he didn’t disappoint. The Big Cat had a 105 OPS+ with 10 homers, perhaps not the best for a first baseman, but very acceptable for a rookie on a middling team and a hint of what was to come.
Rating: 8/10 – I’ve always dug the Broder sets. Sure, they were oddballs that seemed to appear out of nowhere, but the photography is really excellent and unique, and the playing-card cut was something different for its time. I was always excited to find a Broder card for a player that I collected back in the day. This card epitomizes the set, showing a more subdued moment for Galarraga, stretching with the bat as he warms up on deck.
1987 Broder Rookies #14
Category: Failed Prospect

Position: P
Bio/Summary: Sebra hits the other side of the spectrum. Dealt from Texas to the Expos for Pete Incaviglia in November 1985, Sebra never really distinguished himself. His 86 campaign was his best, topping out at a 105 ERA+. He never topped that, though, going 6-15 in 1987, and was out of the majors by 1990.
Rating: 4/10 – Not that interesting a shot; definitely the sort of thing that you could find in any set of its day.

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