Failed Prospect #16: Fernando Seguignol


Fernando Seguignol
1998 Bowman International #394
Bio/Summary: When I pulled this card in 2004, I knew nothing of Seguignol – that tells you how quick was his rise and fall. Looking at his stats, I can see that he was a low-OBP, low-speed, high-power type. In 1998, he mashed 31 HR combined between AA and AAA, while managing an okay .357 OBP. The problem was that his OBP had really never been anything special before that; you could interpret it to mean that he was picking up a better eye at the plate, or that it was a fluke. Given his later production at the major league level, I’m going to guess it was a fluke.
How Did I Get It?: Box of 1998 Bowman.
Did You Know?: Seguignol helped the Nippon Ham Fighters won their first pennant in 25 years in 2006.
Rating: 5/10 – The concept is good, but I think they wasted it with the background and the kind of flat metallic sheen. Still, it’s not terrible, just mediocre.

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