Memory Lane #10: Rondell White Gold Label

White Gold label

I gave up on baseball cards right around the time I got into college. I had been drifting away from the collecting scene slowly over the years, and a combination of the Strike and not having money as a poor college student spelled the end for me in early 1995. And yet, there was still a small flame that burned for it. My understanding now is that, as a photography buff, the photos kept drawing me back, even if I was turned off by the hobby side of things. I would pick up a pack here or there, or, as in the case of this card, hit up a show at a local mall when I was visiting my parents. I remember also buying up an autographed Mark Lewis card (one of the “big” prospects for me in the early 90s) for a song.
I can remember the day I picked this and the other cards up as clear as day. I was visiting from my new home in Northern Virginia, and my parents wanted to go see a movie. The movie was at the brand new megaplex back home, but we swung by the mall on the way home, where we found this small show. Intrigued, I wanted to see what the state of cards was at the time, and was delighted to find some amazing cards in the dollar box. Even if I was poor and just starting out my career, I could get on board with this. So I picked it and a slew of other cards up, and have held on to them ever since. None ever became worth more than that dollar, but the memories they hold is worth a lot more to me. The dollar bin is almost always worth it. 

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