Memory Lane #8: Cliff Floyd 1993 Fleer Final Edition

Floyd Fleer Update

Whenever there was some sort of collecting milestone for me, it seemed that Cliff Floyd was there in some form. In this instance, it was finding the 1993 Fleer Update lurking in an Eckerd Drug when it first came out. It was a collecting milestone because the set was the first one I’d found that had the Marlins and Rockies in them. Oh, sure, the second series of Upper Deck that year would have the Rockies and Marlins, but I either hadn’t started getting them or they weren’t out at this point that year.  

I was also surprised to see there were only a few sets available, so I bought one set and opened it and kept another one sealed for years afterward. I felt special. Of course, as time went on, the players inside became worth less and less, to the point I opened it back in 2003 to get at the cards and found they weren’t as good as I remembered. Oh, well. Live and learn: cards are meant for enjoying, not hoarding.

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