Former Expo: Henry Rodriguez


Henry Rodriguez
1997 Pinnacle X-Press #76
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Whatever happened to Henry? Last I remember he was a pretty good outfielder with decent pop…next thing I know I get back into baseball and he’s mostly forgotten. Oh, it might have something to do with his abysmal OBP. But whatever, 1997 was not his best year as an Expo – he only got a .244/.306 (!)/.479 line, knocking 26 home runs but only drawing 42 walks to 149 strikeouts. Great googly moogly. 
How Did I Get It?: Pack of Pinnacle X-Press in a repack box, most likely in 2003.
Did You Know?: Henry has played for the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League since 2005.
Rating: 7/10 – I like the design of these cards; two photos for one is nice, and the action shot so close to the profile shot is good.

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