1982 Fleer #5


1982 Fleer #199
Former Expo
Position: P
Bio/Summary: I remember David Palmer from all the 1989 sets, when he was with the Phillies and near the end of his career. Here he is in his prime, though he missed all of 1981. He returned in 1982, going 6-4 with a 3.18 ERA in 13 games, good for a 115 ERA+. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t sniff an above-average ERA+ again until 1986. Looking at his ability prior to 1982, it looks like that injury might have taken it out of him. He was never the same after.
Rating: 6/10 – I swear that’s Gary Carter in the background. The flash photography is awful here, but my imagination is somewhat inspired by this shot.


1982 Fleer #200
Expos Lynchpin
Position: 3B
Bio/Summary: I remember Larry Parrish from later in his career, much like David Palmer, when he was finishing up with Texas and Boston in 1988. In 1981, however, the future was still his to grasp. Coming off a 104 ERA+ performance in 1980, he slumped to a 92 OPS+, hitting .244/.297/.384 in 97 games and getting traded to the Rangers in March of 82. Rough for a guy who was just a few years off an All-Star appearance and fourth place finish in the MVP race.
Rating: 1/10 – Ick. Terrible, blurry photo with a flash that washes out his face. Seriously one of the worst pictures I’ve ever seen on a baseball card.


1982 Fleer #201
Expos Also-Ran
Position: SS/2B
Bio/Summary: Phillips was a light-hitting middle infielder who must have had a reputation with his glove, because that bat was not going to be enough, let me tell you. Not even at SS in that era. And 1982 was the beginning of the end – he had a -34 OPS+. Yikes. So I’m not surprised I’d never heard of him.
Rating: 5/10 – At least this picture is in focus and not washed out. Too bad it’s boring.


1982 Fleer #202
Category: Expos Star

Position: OF
Bio/Summary: I’m not sure Raines needs any introduction…he’s another of the legit stars in this set to go with Carter and Dawson. You know, it’s kind of a shame that Expos pitching was so abysmal back then because they had the core of something really special with those three. And 1982 was at the beginning of a nice run for Rock. He had a 101 OPS+, but the big stat for that year was 78 steals in 94 attempts! That’s absolutely unheard of! Man the guy was good.
Rating: 8/10 – This card gets major props for showing a young Raines, and hey, it’s in focus and well-lit. How about that?

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