Nationals Lynchpin: Brad Wilkerson

Wilkerson Bowmans Best

Brad Wilkerson
2001 Bowman’s Best #143
Bio/Summary: I’ve spoken about Wilkie here before; at one time my fondest wish was for him to have a whole career as a National that was productive and happy. We all know how that went down. But let’s look at 2001. What was he up to? Well, it was his rookie season, and he appeared in 21 games for the Expos at the ripe old age of 24 (a bad sign for a rookie in general). He had a really unimpressive .205/.305/.325 line, only managing one homer while striking out 41 times in 136 PAs. Oh, and he only walked 17 times. What an abysmal rate – but it hinted at how things would go later in his career.
How Did I Get It?: Bought the 2001 Bowman’s Best set in 2003.
Did You Know?: Wilkie was MVP of the 1995 World Junior Championship.
Rating: 7/10 – God, he looks so young and thin! I never realized how pudgy he got later on. I’m so torn on the design of this set. Normally I would say it looks too busy – and it kind of is – but there’s something about the clean lines overlaying the background while the player is truly the focus of the shot that gets me. It’s a fun set, if nothing else.


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