Memory Lane #6: Ronnie Belliard

Belliard Auto

2007 was a rough time in my life. My girlfriend Kacey lost her job in May of that year, then the new job in December of that year as the economy got worse. The Summer, though, that was the worst. We were adjusting to some new realities in our relationship and trying to keep things held together when both of us were having trouble holding ourselves together. My sole solace that Summer was a set of partial season tickets that we’d bought when times were better, in February of that year. Sometimes our sojourns to RFK were the only break in the midst of the gloom, a ray of light breaking the clouds. We got attached to that 2007 team: Flop and Tankass (Belliard) and our imagined kids’ cartoon show with them (featuring Dmitri Young as a friendly bulldog, don’t you know); the cadre of Ryans that Bowden brought in; and watching Nook Logan fail and succeed in spectacular ways.
So when I found myself with a little extra money from my birthday, I decided I had to have the autographs of these characters, even if they weren’t on Nationals cardboard. I knew that getting those players would mean a lot long-term, even if they were far from superstars (and boy, were they far from superstars). I was able to find some real steals on eBay and loaded up on all the guys I could afford at the time. Unfortunately, Zimmerman wasn’t anywhere near what I could afford then, but I could score some great players like Tankass for next to nothing.
So it was that I was able to get this card, and treasure it to this day, even though I could afford a dozen better Belliard cards today. This card represents sanity, stability, and happiness. It’s a lot to put on a piece of cardboard.

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