Senators #12: Chan Ho Park


2003 Bowman #103
Bio/Summary: I can’t believe Chan Ho Park is still in the majors all these years after blowing his big shot with Texas. And yes, obviously this isn’t technically a Senators card but a Rangers card, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to show the old school jerseys off and talk about some other players for awhile. This was right in the middle of Park’s historically bad deal with the Rangers, when he was getting paid 13 mil a year for an 84 ERA+. Ick.
How Did I Get It?: Pack of 2003 Bowman
Did You Know?:
Rating: 4/10 – Not the best of pictures, even if the jersey is neat. I’ve done a lot of research and cannot for the life of me find out when this game took place. It seems like it would be an easy find, but no such luck. Anyone have a clue?

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