Former Expo: Orlando Cabrera

Cabrera 98 Bowman

1998 Bowman #93
Bio/Summary: O-Cab, or the OC, lasted seven-and-a-half seasons in Montreal, anchoring shortstop. His average never got above .280, and his OPS never crested over .807. So was he decent with the glove? UZR stats only go back as far as 2002, but for the years covered by that, he went as high as 4.6 and as low as -2.3. So he’s inconsistent at best as a defensive shortstop and pretty mediocre with the bat. I’m now no longer that upset about losing him.
How Did I Get It?:Got a box of 1998 Bowman in 2003.
Did You Know?: In 2003, he finished second among the league shortstops in batting average (.297), slugging percentage (.415), runs batted in (80), and in stolen base percentage (24-to-26). Okay, maybe that did change my mind.
Rating: 6/10 – 1998 Bowman is pretty cool, and I like the shot. I’d probably give it a higher rating were it his rookie card.

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