2000 Bowman Chrome Pulls

I recently joined in on a group break over at Bad Wax, picking up two Bowman packs. Here’s what I managed to pull; alas, no Expos. Oh, well. Any of these are available just by emailing me at crimnos at gmail.com. I’ll pay for shipping and everything.

First pack:

Pack 1

Jose Canseco, Geoff Jenkins, Ramon Soler, Ryan Minor

Okay, Canseco is definitely the star of this pack. Not a bad card at all, but I wasn’t bowled over by the pack.

Pack 2:


Mark Grace, Michael Tejera, Kevin Nicholson, Manny Ramirez “Meteoric Rise” insert.

Okay, now we’re talking. Still no real star rookies, but that Ramirez is really nice. I got a box of Bowman Chrome a few years back and pulled a Randy Johnson of this insert set; really liked it. I was glad to get Manny here.


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One response to “2000 Bowman Chrome Pulls

  1. Jason C

    I also got a pack of this at Bad Wax and am only interested in one of the cards I got. Would you be interested in the Ted Lilly (Expos), Man Ram base card, and Brad Baisley? I’d love the Canseco and/or Jenkins.

    Please let me know: jschris at triwest dot net. If you don’t want to trade, just send me your addy and I’ll send the Lilly gratis…

    Thanks much!

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