1990 Bowman #5


1990 Bowman #104
Failed Prospect
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Oh man will I be glad to never see this guy again. For a guy who didn’t have much of a career, he sure had a lot of cards in 1990, thanks to that 122 ERA+. I just don’t have much else to say about him.
Rating: 3/10 – Boring subject, boring photo.
1990 Bowman #110
Expos Also-Ran
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Dave Schmidt never really struck me as a very important guy in the grand scheme of things. Imagine my surprise when I looked and saw that he was above a 100 ERA+ from 1981 to 1988. Yeah, ERA+ isn’t a great stat for a reliever, but given what I thought of him, its a lot better than I thought. Of course, 1990 was a pretty lousy year for him (covered elsewhere, I believe), and he never produced for the Expos.
Rating: 2/10 – Blah.
1990 Bowman  #117
Expos Star
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: I don’t care what anyone else says: Larry Walker is awesome. He was part of that great little trio that included Deshields and Grissom back in 90, and I loved getting just about any card of him. I could go on and on about his career, but this is a 1990 card. He had a 112 OPS+, pretty good for a rookie, with a .241/.326/.434 line and 19 homers.
Rating: 4/10 – Man, this set had the market cornered on sweaty players. And I’m glad Walker’s mustache didn’t stay. Just look at that thing.
Tim Wallach
1990 Bowman  #114
Expos Star
Position: 3B
Bio/Summary: Tim’s 1990 was excellent; he had an 810 OPS, with a 125 OPS+ and 21 homers. Nothing about his numbers pop out at you, so I think that’s why he was so consistently underrated.
Rating: 7/10 – How about that! An action shot, and you can see Tim’s face!
I’m pleased to end the set on that note…and just to end the set in general. Kind of a drab set, no? The only interesting thing about 1990 Bowman was the weird rookies they came up with. They would refine that approach over the years, but I didn’t understand their 1990 choices.

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