When They Were Young: Joel Hanrahan

Welcome to a new NatsTown feature! From here on out, I’ll be taking a look at rookie cards for some current and/or “classic” Nationals (those worth noting). Some will be autographed, some not…the idea is to see what these players were like in the minors and as rookies.

Hanrahan Auto

2002 Bowman Signs of the Future #JRH
Bio/Summary:  I’ve talked about Hanrahan before…there was a time I rooted for the kid to get it together, since he’d been a highly-regarded Dodgers prospect who couldn’t get it together. Now, every time I hear his name connected with the bullpen I cringe. There was a time, however, when he was a struggling Dodgers prospect. There were times when he had a 10+ ERA in the minors and no command whatsoever (still something of a problem), which of course culminated in the Dodgers releasing him as a minor league free agent and the nationals scooping him up as part of the great minor league free agent crapshoot of 2007.
How Did I Get It?: Won it off of eBay in 2007.
Did You Know?: Joel hit a triple in his first ML at-bat.
Rating: 7/10 – I loved this card as soon as I saw it, but I’m hard-pressed to say why. The design isn’t particularly strong, and really blue. But I guess I like the balance of white and blue on the card.

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