1990 Bowman #4


1990 Bowman #121
Expos Lynchpin
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Haha, check out that hat in the background. Nice. Anyway, Martinez was half-decent in 1990, managing a 107 OPS+ while playing decent defense. Oh, he also pitched 1/3rd of an inning that year, surrendering two runs.
Rating: 3/10 – Man, what a dorky picture.
1990 Bowman #116
Expos Also-Ran
Position: UT
Bio/Summary: I’ve covered Mr. Owen before, but 1990 was a so-so year for Spike offensively. He OBPed .349, which is pretty good for a .233 average, but a paltry slg got him to only 90 OPS+. He didn’t appear to be much better on defense, but it was a different time.
Rating: 5/10 – Finally, an action shot! Only…you can’t see his face. And those are some hella harsh shadows. Ah, well.
1990 Bowman  #118
Expos Star
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Ah, Tim Raines. My man. Not going to call him Rock, even though that is a pretty sweet chain he’s got there. Tim was decent in 1990, with a 117 OPS+ and 49 stolen bases out of 65 tries – just around 75%, pretty good. I miss his playing days.
Rating: 5/10 – Lots of red in the middle of that rainbow design. I have to give it extra points for the chain, though.
1990 Bowman  #108
Expos Lynchpin
Position: P
Bio/Summary: I had no idea Rojas had a long, productive career until I started working on this blog; he disappeared during my “dark years” out of baseball (1996-2000), so I had no idea what had happened to him. I didn’t think of him much either. But he made a decent debut in 1990, going 3-1 with…well, his walks and strikeouts almost matched, but that ERA+ came out to 101. And he kept going from there.
Rating: 3/10 – Another generic shot. Topps really wasn’t trying on this set.

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