Not Yet A National: Collin Balester (#2)

Balester Auto

2004 Just Rookies Autographs #5
Bio/Summary:  This is the second card I’ve featured of Mr. Balester, and one of my favorites in my collection. I’ll get to why in a bit, but I wanted to take a look at Balester’s 2004 performance. Just 18, he put up a 2.19 ERA for the Gulf Coast Expos (with a 1.014 WHIP). He’s had some up-and-down years since then, but not bad for a kid fresh out of high school. Oh, and he has an excellent blog.
How Did I Get It?: Won it on eBay in 2007.
Did You Know?: I mean it, his blog is great.
Rating: 9/10 – The reason I like this card is because it reminds me of some cheapy little flimsy card you’d get as a promotion somewhere…then to have it autographed gives it a feel of having actually been at that cheap little game. I know it’s a little hypocritical after I’ve panned some “cheapy” designs, but…well, you know how Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original) was good because it reproduced a documentary feel? That’s what I’m getting at here.

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