Failed Prospect #9: Esmailyn Gonzalez (Carlos Lugo)

Gonzalez Bowman

2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP177
Bio/Summary: Boy, was I taken in by this one…I think most Nats fans were. “Smiley” seemed like a bright young prospect when he was signed, one to watch as he climbed the ranks at the tender age of 16. Sure, his numbers weren’t great, but he was still very young and raw, right? Well, not so much. Most people know the story: Smiley turned out to be Carlos Lugo, who was four years older than his stated age (making his “raw” tag worthless). Given the story, I knew I had to get some Lugo cards. That’s one of the silver linings in this story; the other is that Jim Bowden lost his job over it. FINALLY.
How Did I Get It?: Bought it from
Did You Know?: I think the whole story is a Did You Know.
Rating: 7/10 – Really great pose, decent enough design.
2008 Tristar Projections #87
How Did I Get It?:
Won it on eBay.
Did You Know?: Aside from parallels, these are the only two Gonzalez cards in existence, and are likely to continue to be the only two, given what’s happened.
Rating: 4/10 – I’m not crazy about the Tristar designs; they just seem amateur, which I suppose is appropriate for a minor league set, but I’ve seen a lot better.

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