Former Expo: Michael Barrett

Barrett Topps

2004 Topps #132
Bio/Summary: I almost called this an Expos Lynchpin, but I realized that his numbers as an Expo just didn’t warrant that. He only came close to a 100 OPS+ in 1999 (99, very respectable for a catcher), but he was well below that in the years following. I can see why this hothead was eventually traded. But I do remember reading one of his cards and learning that he liked music similar to my tastes…so I don’t hate the guy.
How Did I Get It?: Pack of 2004 Topps in 2004.
Did You Know?: Barrett was involved in a major brawl with A.J. Pierzynski. Hard to blame the guy.
Rating: 7/10 – Sure, he’s a bit scrubby, but I love the 2004 Topps design with the little ray-traced version of the player on the bottom left, and this is a great action shot.

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