Failed Prospect #7: Ender Chavez

Ender Chavez

2005 Bowman #216
Bio/Summary: I remember getting this at a time when Ender’s brother, Endy, wasn’t particularly good, and thinking “ah, so a lighter-hitting Endy Chavez, eh? I’m sure he’ll pan out.” Lo and behold, four years later, he’s washed out. Okay, maybe I’m being a little too harsh. The guy did put up a .727 OPS in A+ in 2006 (at age 25…hmmmmmm). But yeah, he never showed much an ability to hit beyond A-ball at an age much older than the other players. I don’t know much about his defense, but no way it could be good enough to keep him around.
How Did I Get It?: Pack of 2005 Bowman in 2005.
Did You Know?: Chavez played in the Golden Baseball League in 2008, an independent league.
Rating: 3/10 – I was never crazy about 2005 Bowman; it was a let down after the 2003 and 2004 issues. The only thing that redeems this card is the picture, really; sure, it’s a stock-standard one, but I do dig the little details in the background.

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