Nationals Autograph(s): Esteban Loaiza and Jose Guillen

Loiaza Guillen

2005 Donruss Inkcredible Duos #26
Nationals Lynchpins
Position: SP/OF
Bio/Summary: Two of the more important players from the inaugural 05 season and its improbable run. Loaiza contributed a 3.77 ERA and a value well above his $2.9 million salary, even if there were signs that it was unsustainable (and it was). Guillen hit 24 home runs, with a SLG-heavy (not ideal) .817 OPS. The real story here is that these were players who appeared to be good that season, but had some nasty little peripherals lurking below the surface. That would be a good bet as to why the team collapsed in the second half. 
How Did I Get It?: Won it on eBay.
Did You Know?: Guillen was suspended for steroid usage in 2008. Loaiza was arrested on June 14, 2006 for driving his Ferrari over 120 mph and driving drunk. It’s a positive entry.
Rating: 7/10 – I’m not crazy about sticker autos, but the chance to have two autos of members of the 2005 team on one card was too good to pass up. A neat card for Nats history.

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