1990 Topps Traded


1990 Topps Traded #108T
Failed Prospect
Position: P
Bio/Summary: I covered Sampen recently in a Failed Prospect post, so not much more to say about him here. Just interesting to see him in action. Check out those old-school Expos uniforms. Love them.
Rating: 6/10 – Man, 1990 Topps was butt-ugly. The photo here is decent enough, but there’s no color unity. Just…a set better off forgotten. Unless you’re documenting team sets!


1990 Topps Traded #112T
Former Expo
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Dave Schmidt is one of those guys I best remember as an Oriole, and just vaguely recall as an Expo. For good reason, it appears; he averaged a 60 ERA+ for the Expos before moving on to Seattle and looking awful there. This is one of those twilight-of-their-career deals.
Rating: 7/10 – I’ll give the border a pass on this one because I dig the pose.

Junior Noboa
1990 Topps Traded#80T
Expos Also-Ran
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: When Junior Noboa appeared in 1990, I thought for sure he was a rookie – I was shocked to learn that he first appeared in the majors in 1984, and had been kind of awful throughout his career. Man, the guy could not draw a walk to the point it’s absoultely laughable. His career OBP is .265. .265! No wonder the guy never stuck.
Rating: 6/10 -Kind of a cool shot, with the red Expos jersey and all. All these pics appear to be from 1990 Spring Training.


Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd
1990 Topps Traded #12T
Former Expo
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Oil Can was such a fun player, and he really gave the Expos his all in the two years he was there. Hell, 1990 was arguably his best season (10-6, 2.93, 125 ERA+). It’s cool to see him in the Expos getup, though my favorite Expos card of Oil Can is his 1990 Upper Deck High Numbers, which I’ll eventually get to.
Rating: 7/10 – The clash between the borders and the uniform is just too much for me to get over, even if I dig the pose.


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