Senators #4 – Mark Christman

Today’s Senators card was a neat little treat for me. I don’t care about the condition, just owning a card from 1949 is pretty cool for me. Maybe I can find similar cards out there…

Oh, and I’m a little late on the redemption offer there.



1949 Bowman #121
Bio/Summary: This was the twilight of Christman’s career; it may well be his last card, I’m not sure, but for his era, Christman was a decent second baseman. Never had an OPS+ over 100, but I’d say for a middle infielder in those days, that was quite all right. Here’s the interesting thing: his high-water mark was a 98 OPS+, in 1945. Since OPS+ is adjusted for era based on the average performance of any given player (with 100 being average – this is non-position adjusted, too, so a corner infielder or outfielder should be well above 100), it’s instructive to look at his numbers and get an idea of what the baseline was in 1945. He had a .277 average, .328 OBP (!), and .370 (!) slugging, for a .698 OPS. Compare that to last year, when that would net you an 81 OPS+ (exactly Jesus Flores’ stats last year). Just interesting to see how offense has evolved over the years. 
How Did I Get It?: Won it on an eBay auction.
Did You Know?: Christman’s brother, Paul, was an NFL quarterback.
Rating: 8/10 – Okay, I didn’t go for the aesthetics so much on this one. Let’s face it, it’s kind of ugly, but the historical value overcomes it. I also love the little offer on the back. Just a capsule of a different time.

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