Senators #3 – Don Loun and Joe McCabe


1965 Topps #181
Bio/Summary: This is as one-hit wonder as it gets; Loun never even appeared in 1965, or any year after 1964, for that matter. He only ever had two games, and split them. He had a 2.08 ERA in those games, which makes you wonder what happened to him.
How Did I Get It?: Won it on an eBay auction.
Did You Know?: Don held Carl Yastrzemski to a .000 batting average (0-for-7)
Position: C
Bio/Summary: McCabe also didn’t really amount to much. He only played 28 games total between 64 and 65, but did manage to OPS -14 in 1964. That’s an accomplishment of sorts.
Did You Know?: McCabe was drafted by the “original” Senators, the Twins, and traded to the second Senators.
Rating: 6/10 – I love old cards, but these guys never amounted to anything. It’s more interesting as an historical footnote.

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