Failed Prospect #4: Shane Andrews



1995 Upper Deck Minors #136
Bio/Summary: Man, here’s a tough one to call a failed prospect. Can you really call a guy who hit 25 homers at the major league level a failed prospect? I posit that you can, if his career numbers are 220/298/421. A .298 career OBP! That’s insane…he’s not even a Three True Outcomes guy, more like a Two True Outcomes: whiff or homer. It sucks because I had hope for this caveman-looking dude when I first encountered him in the 1990 Classic Draft pick set (I really need to dig up Rondell White and Andrews from that set). 
How Did I Get It?: Opened a box of 1995 Upper Deck Minors in 2004.
Did You Know?: Shane actually played for a team called the Cavemen in high school; he was their shortstop.
Rating: 7/10 – I’ve talked about my love for the 1995 minors set, and the black borders go so well with the black uniforms here. Wish I could figure out who’s on his left, though. Not enough clues.

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