Nationals Inaugural Set Pt 13: The Final


Chad Durbin
2005 Topps Nationals #23
Fringe Player
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Chad Durbin always struck me as a prospect that others liked a lot more than I did, and who would ultimately end up being a AAAA player. He didn’t quite end up there, but it’s pretty close. He seems to join a team and make a handful of appearances before moving on, maintaining a career 88 OPS+. The interesting thing is that the only year that he didn’t make a Major League appearance was 2005, with the Nationals. Thus, he never played in an ML game in this uniform outside of spring training.
Rating: 2/10 – Dirt-standard card for this set.


Brendan Harris
2005 Topps Nationals #14
Fringe Player
Position: SS/2B/3B
Bio/Summary: I don’t really have much to say about Brendan. He wasn’t great or bad in his time in Washington. He was just simply…there. He was convinced, however, that he deserved more of a shot, and was excited to get traded to Cincinatti and get some time. He promptly flopped.
Rating: 2/10 – Another boring card. The old-school pose is a little interesting, I guess.


Henry Mateo
2005 Topps Nationals #25
Failed Prospect
Position: 2B
Bio/Summary: I just barely remember this guy in 05. I’m pretty sure he was supposed to be a major prospect at one point in his career, but that obviously didn’t work out. As it is now, he owns a career .233 BA, and hasn’t been seen since 2006.
Rating: 4/10 – Slightly higher mark because I can see his face. This set…


T.J. Tucker
2005 Topps Nationals #28
Failed Prospect
Position: P
Bio/Summary: Another 1997 First-Round pick…looks like a sandwich pick. I have a few T.J. Tucker cards still to go, so I’ll just say here that he never lived up to that First Round potential, and was gone after a short stint in 2005. Maybe an injury, since he last appeared in Indepenent Bridgeport last year, after a two-year disappearance.
Rating: 2/10 – Too dark, just not a very good photo.

And that does it for the set. Overall, I give the set a 4/10…I was mildly disappointed with it when I first got it, and it hasn’t really gotten better over the years. Not to mention that there’s no Ryan Zimmerman in the set even when it was realized late in the year. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

On to 2008 Upper Deck!


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