Expos Prospect: Rondell White


Rondell White
1992 Upper Deck Minors Holos #TP8
Expos Prospect
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: The first time I saw Rondell White was in the 1990 Classic Draft Picks set. He was one of two Expos #1 picks that year, along with Shane Andrews. I thought he’d pan out into something great, but he turned out to be just all right (his comparables are Kevin McReynolds and Bobby Higginson, which sounds about right to me). Hey, he was an all-star, I guess. A career 108 OPS+ isn’t too bad.
How Did I Get it?: Bought a box of 1992 Upper Deck Minor Leagues in 2004.
Did You Know?: He had a cameo in a Saturday Night Live sketch.
Card Rating: 5/10 – Man, I’m glad that hologram craze died. I really like the main photo, and I think the fact that you can ignore the holo in the background, making that photo pop, saves this card. Oh, and what was with Montreal’s huge-ass helmets back then?


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